Prevent Catastrophic Mortality Loss
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Farm Alarm Monitoring Systems

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Farm Alarm
Monitoring Systems

If you own or manage a chicken farm, you know that the loss of chickens can add up to a major expense at the end of the year.

Farm Alarm is a unique monitoring system, designed specifically to help protect your poultry barn from mortality loss.

Your Farm Alarm will monitor:
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Ventilation controller
  • Curtain
  • Feed over run
  • Generator
  • Customized settings by owner

The New Wyr-LS 4.0

Wireless alarm protection for your poultry and livestock 24/7!

No Monthly/Annual Fees to pay!

No wires to install and maintain between buildings!

Call in to your alarm system to check temperature and all conditions!

Peace of mind is now wireless!
Wyr-LS 4.0!!!

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